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We have created this website to provide you with information on JBC, our products and operations to keep you abreast of our latest news and developments.

Our company is driven by commitment and determination, and we are extremely proud to have proven in just over a decade that we are an establishment that is intent on taking the forefront in our field. We are confident that both our continued rapid growth and success and our position as industry leaders are due to the in-depth research, we undertake to understand our customers’ needs and the partnerships we create to meet those needs.

Every day, we work to provide our customers across the globe with great bromine chemistry, and in turn, we contribute to the global mission of making the world a better place.

Whether by improving the performance of crops through better water for irrigation, ensuring that pharmaceutical companies produce better medicines for those in need of them, or by contributing to the development of essential flame retardants that save lives, we are committed to solving global challenges safely and responsibly.

At JBC, we recognize that our employees make the difference to our company.

It is important for us that they are content in their workplace, because they are the cornerstone of our company and the true driving force behind it. We continuously create opportunities for our people to grow, not just within – but beyond their roles, enhancing their skills, knowledge and capacities and positioning them for success.

We believe that our company should be known not just for the financial results it generates, but for the imprint it leaves on societies and communities.

By taking an active role in our communities, we strive to make a difference in the lives of people because essentially, we want our communities to be healthier, stronger and happier. We believe that it is our business, our commitment, and our responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone and so we embrace a purposeful approach in our work and in everything we do.

At JBC, we are proud of our achievements, but most of all we are proud that we don’t only promise our customers the very best, we actually deliver it.


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 Ahmad Khalifeh  
General Manager