Our Values



JBC gives safety of people and process the highest attention, it is the main prominent of JBC KPI and have the highest value among other discipline, JBC employees at all organizational levels, from management down to the shop floor level are committed to Safety and well-being of each other. JBC continues to be the leader in Jordan in spreading the Safety culture and be the Model for a safe work place; helping the Jordanian industry to create new safety culture.


JBC encourages questions among the organization, with its Open-door policy that is there to help encourage all employees and Stake holders to ask and express any concerns about JBC’s operations. Also, JBC guides all employees to seek continuous learning and development.  JBC is proud with the development each individual gain while working for it.  Moreover, JBC is proud to graduate talented crafts, being a leader in the Jordanian market and a real reference for implementing new technologies including Water and Power saving innovation.


JBC encourages all employees to provide solutions, there is no stupid question or unwise idea, every idea matter, with a systematic approach to analysis suggestions while being keen to take shared risks but not short cuts is a key factor for the majority of the improvements JBC achieved over years of operating.


Team work, shared objectives and goals among all levels is JBC’s theme for collaboration, Giving all employees the chance to define or discuss site objectives and targets and accountability to achieve the desired results is a key factor to keep collaboration between all employees. Collaboration is extended outside the perimeter of JBC’s site to include key partners including local communities and entities and customers.


The Success of any individual or any department at JBC is a success for all of us. JBC’s family celebrates the accomplishment and success of any idea as if such an idea came from each individual. It is JBC’s pleasure to adopt any successful story that comes from other sites, which supports and respects the diversity of thoughts, experiences and cultures. it is not about me it’s about the success of JBC, it is not about JBC it is about the success of Albemarle corporation.

Integrity and Transparency

We are our word. We do what we say. We communicate and act transparently. What you see is what you get. Integrity and Transparency is JBC certificate for continual growth.