At JBC, safety is one of our core values and a top priority. We continuously seek means to ensure the safety and welfare of our people and reduce work and distribution-related injuries. This commitment is one we undertake, not just within our boundaries, but it extends to our surrounding communities. We adopt a health and safety culture that promotes individual responsibility and accountability and emphasizes the importance of abiding by stringent safety procedures. With a specialized focus on risk management techniques that address safety hazards in our business, we follow industry required frameworks and processes for the authorization of equipment, procedures, systems and skills that meet regulatory standards.

At JBC, we are proud of our track-record of completing periodic routine safety audits successfully. By conducting regular health and safety training programs for our people, we can effectively manage risk and solve problems. Although injuries may arise, our training policy in this area ensures that our people are well-equipped with the knowledge and insight required to achieve safe employee performance and low incident rates, based on proactive prevention.

Above all else, our commitment to a non-compromising policy towards health and safety has created a sense of leadership and responsibility within the organization - a responsibility towards one another among our people, a responsibility towards JBC, and a responsibility towards our communities.