Integrated Management System


JBC is fully committed to meet the requirements of its’ clients, strategic partners and exceeding their expectations to reach their satisfaction. It is also committed to provide distinguished and high-quality services and productions line of Bromine, TBBPA, NaBr, CaBr, Aqueous HBr and KOH. While protecting their environmental elements from the pollution, and keeping occupational health and safety for JBC employees and its’ clients and protecting the local community from the pollutants.

JBC Commitment of the following:

The JBC- IMS policy is published & understood by all JBC employees, stakeholders and clients. This policy is reviewed & developed periodically to ensure its’ suitability and achieve a sustained development process.

Set up, develop & implement the objectives of IMS (ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2017, ISO14001:2015) within JBC scope of work.

Complying with applicable global HSE regulations and standards related to JBC activities while insuring full compliance with local Jordanian regulations.

Adopting the best local, regional and international practices in the fields of quality, health, safety & the environment and implementing them at JBC.

Perform all operation, production, logistics and internal activities with high quality targeting high quality products and customer full satisfaction.

Compliance with internal policies and procedures and continual improvement.

Conducting a capacity Building system for all JBC employees at all levels, in order to develop & implement all IMS requirements in an efficient and effective way.

Developing and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers and contractors serving our long-term success as business partners and high quality of service.

Managing all resources at JBC such as water, energy, materials, etc... In an efficient, way while protecting these resources from pollution. In addition to that, participation in reducing, reusing & recycling (3Rs).

Minimize the occurrence of incidents, work injuries, and adverse impacts to the local environmental components throughout JBC operations. In addition to improve the occupational health and working environment for the employees.

Addressing risks and utilizing opportunities related to JBC operations and services.