Workshops for Civil Defense Department


On Thursday 29th August 2019 In a team effort, JBC collaborated with The Civil Defense Department (CDD) in the fields of emergency planning, training, communication, and community planning. JBC conducted two specialized workshops for CDD firefighters and Hazmat responders at Crowne Plaza, Amman.

The workshops that were held on August 2019, discussed the use of JBC chemicals, and the most effective response plans in case of emergency. A graduation ceremony was held for the participants in the presence of high-level representatives from JBC and CDD. Both parties expressed their support and appreciation of such important collaborations and continuing education initiatives. Mr. Khaled Abu Zaid, JBC Plant Manager, and Mr. Abdullah Masarweh JBC HR manager thanked the participants and expressed JBC’s commitment to keep such preparedness and cooperation with CDD. Colonel Hatem Jaber, and Colonel Hussein Hiari, expressed their appreciation of JBC efforts for continual education and initiatives that affirming its position as a pioneer Jordanian Company in high standards in Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and emergency preparedness.

JBC is committed to ensure the safety of the use of its chemicals and that of the community exposed to its use.