JBC 5S, Growing into Success


As a way to stress the importance of Lean, Jordan Bromine Company “JBC”, recently implemented a completion program to further enhance the “product.” The use of Lean processing at the plant site continues to eliminate waste and non-necessary activities to enable the site to spend energy on items of importance.  

 Over the past eighteen months, JBC has implemented the 5S program to thirteen different areas at the site. Employees are encouraged to suggest additional areas they believe could be improved by the 5S program.   Since its inception, the utilization of the 5S methodology has become a major benefit to the site and its employees. “Lean manufacturing at JBC is becoming a way of life, a means of site enhancement that will benefit the site and employees in their daily lives going forward,” commented Joseph Hamlin, JBC plant manager.  “We hope and expect to lead JBC through a positive change over the years to come.” In an effort to further enhance the site’s 5S program and reward employees for their accomplishments, a monthly competition was created to help gain traction. In September, Area 3, the Chlorine Plant, received the highest score of 19.8 and was rewarded with a tool kit. In October, E&I Substations (2 3, 4, and 5) won the competition with a score of 19. The scores over the past months have been very close and demonstrate the improvements of the areas with respect to 5S.  “We look forward to upcoming months to see the rewards of the process at JBC.