Launch of JBC Schools Initiatives Program


In coordination with the Local education ministry JBC Launched the Schools initiatives program for 8 local schools. Each visit hosted 20 students and 3 teachers. A part of the program is the “site visit”. The visit included a tour within the bus, a lecture about JBC followed by discussion and having lunch with JBC staff.

 Passing the main gate the student`s gazing eyes were full of wonders and questions. The warm welcoming and smiley faces of the hosting team made the student more relaxed. Afterwards, the students started a series of smart questions about what they are seeing. Many of these questions were answered directly during the tour and others were answered during the lecture which were held at the main meeting room of the technical building.

The lecture introduced the students with JBC history and covered the aspects of the industrial application of its products. In addition to introducing the HSE standards which is applied within JBC and the efforts made to protect and maintain the safety and environment of the local community.

 At the end of the visit the students were happy and pleased knowing that there is a company nearby committed to improving the quality of human life through innovative products and doing the right thing within the local community.

 In the second part of the program JBC is studying the local schools libraries needs of books in preparation for a “Reading Books Contest”.  This contest will further encourage the books reading habit within local schools in addition to providing the libraries with valuable books.