Jordan Bromine Company School Opening 


(South Ghour - 7/2/2017):, Jordan Bromine Company (JBC) and in presence of Minister of Education, Minster of Public Works & Housing, the Hashemite Royal Court and local community inaugurated its new Elementary Model Mixed School in Ghor Al-Mazraa Area with support and funding from Jordan Bromine Company.

This school where its cornerstone was laid back in November 7th 2014, started the work for the establishment of what is considered to be within the most important needs and priorities of the Ghor Al-Mazraa Area, Jordan Bromine Company had provided 2.2 million Jordan Dinars as funding for this project with a construction space -5,540 sqm that will serve 900 students from the children of Ghor Al-Mazraa and will contribute to the dispensing of the leased school buildings and will mitigate the overcrowding of students in these schools, the school includes 4 kindergarten classrooms, 24 classrooms from Grade 1 to 12, and chemistry, science, and computer laboratories, library, learning resources room, and technical room, knowing that the best international standards was applied in the design and erection of the school in terms of the area available for students in the classroom, in addition to the provision of all necessary utilities.